Multimedia Performance by Paul Litherland, 2006

Box - RIAP - Photo Jerome Bourque
Photo: Jérôme Bourque, Rencontre Internationale d'art Performance 2006

Box is a multimedia boxing performance by Paul Litherland. Using gloves hooked into wireless gameboy controllers, two boxers control videos via programs written using MAX/MSP/Jitter by Patrice Coulombe. It is being presented as part of the Rencontre Internationale d'art Performance in Québec City on September 22, 2006.


BOX- Paul Litherland in Quebec CityPhoto: Genevieve Nobert


Boxers: Paul Litherland, Shane Ward,
Referee: Phil DIckinson
MAX/MSP/Jitter programming: Patrice Coulombe
Assistants: Karin Zuppiger, Geneviève Nobert, Karen Trask,Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Martin Dumas, Steeve Lebrasseur
Creative Assistance: Don Goodes, Leon Lukashevsky, Karen Trask
Thanks to: Paul Burke, Anthony Earley, Flar, Deborah Vanslet, Galerie OBORO, Christine Redfern
Project development was supported by the

Quicktime video (8.4 MB) (H.264 codec) (you need Quicktime 7 or VideoLAN VLC to watch this)

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