My Father's Orchids

My Father's Orchids, 2012

Art Works

2010- Force Majeure - Video installation, Montreal
2008-Wood vs Wood, Performance in Berlin

2007 - Family Workstations
2006 - "BOX" - Rencontre Internationale d'art performance
2006 - Absolutely Fabulous - Galerie Therese Dion
2005 - Art Photography- Residency in Mexico City

2004 - Hostile Takeover
2004 - ASCII fighter
2003 - Force of Attraction
2002 - Eole - video installation
2002 - Turning Point - video installation
2001 - Listener
2001 - Babble - multimedia percussion work
1999 - Insecurity - performance with Security guards
1997 - Body Building - Musculation
-Photography / Butter Sculpture installation
1996 - Hesitation (English) - français - street installation of photographs
1995 - Body Contact - Large scale colour photograms
1994-1995 - Photo Sculptures and wood works
1993 - Souvenirs - performance work with photography

Reviews of Artwork

Artnews, Artforum, New Yorker, The Globe and Mail, etc.


Andy White - my singing world touring cousin
Photography Now


More Video and Photo

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Base Jumping
Skydiving in BC and Quebec 80s and 90s
Freefall Fighters!
First wingsuit Jump
Flock and Dock Florida 2009
Flock and Dock 6.0, 2010
Picasa photo album of skydiving
Wingsuiting over Quebec

Upcoming / Current / Recent Exhibitions

LUX Calme volupté at Galerie Roger Bellemare 23 mars - 11 mai 2013

Family Workstations at Art Souterrain, March 2 - March 17, 2013, Tour de la Bourse, Montreal

Force Majeure at the Odd Gallery, March 8- April 13, 2012

Exposition: Agir: Art des femmes en prison 27 mai au 16 juin, 2011

Galerie Graff, Montreal, Qc, Sept. 9 - Oct 16, 2010. Group exhibition "Artiste - modèle"

Galerie Clark, Montreal, Qc, Sept.2, - Oct 2010, New project Force Majeure


Swivel - artist interviews hosted by Paul Litherland and Julie Keller
A podcast about visual art in Montreal - interviewing artists about making and exploring contemporary visual art.

Texts etc.

Art Blog - Occasional thoughts
Art Blog- Mexico 2006

Artist CV

PDF catalogue of artworks (2.3 MB)

Text by John K. Grande - Act Action Art

Text by Kevin de Forest - Hesitation
Artist statement
The slides of artwork counter page
Studio LUX - photography of art work
2003 - special winter video
2003 - second special winter video
Random Photos page
DF journal - Mexico City blog
Dr. Scholl's - Band

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Paul Litherland Bio

RAEV - ELAN video profile - 2011

Art work Documentation workshop

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Photographer and multimedia performance artist Paul Litherland lives in Montreal and performs at Multimedia Art festivals and events. His work incorporates ideas of risk taking, finding strengths in unexpected places and creating artworks with a sense of humour. Media and ideas he works with include digital photography, digital video, performance art, base jumping, skydiving, boxing, street interventions, vulnerability as strength, exposure to risk, and poetic combinations of materials and histories.

Visual art projects include diverse projects such as wood sculptures made from plywood ( Clear Cut )and chunks of walnut (Hairy Man), photography installations (Souvenirs) and (Hesitation)

Photo collections

1986 - Trip to Mexico on motorcycle photos
2001 - India Sculpture Symposium in Kerala, India

2008- Containers

Zoomable photos
Zoom photo test
100 way in Pitt Meadows, 1986

1986 jump with Brady Fotheringham